Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final update on my 90day challenge

nothing really big to update... i am just putting an end to my Jan-Mar 90day challenge.... 


i will be starting a new one!!! for April-June that is...haha!

anyways, here is a recap of what i achieved after all the project meltdown during the 2nd and 3rd months... still not bad right??? (just trying to convince myself here actually hehe)

well, let's keep the positive point of view in everything shall we? 
  • 14lbs is still 14lbs! that's more than 6kilos! (isang paopao na!!)
  • 4.5" and 6" off the waist and hips gave me another chance to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again!!!

i did not take a last photo because there's no difference anyway... but will do for the start of my new 90days (hehe i'm a cheater that way hehehe)


also, i will be blogging less here in Chamimay on Flats... will be blogging almost all the time in Promding Chamimay... so anybody following here but not in Promding Chamimay I hope you could follow me there too... :-)

thanks so much!!! :-)

Friday, March 23, 2012


mommyness + blog + work + blog + lakwatsa + blog

....hmnnnnnn and di ko pa feel na ngarag na ako...
parang kelangan ko pang i-level up ang bawat isa nyan... :D

Sunday, March 18, 2012

my new hairstyle: Cybersport

well... that's the name the hairstylist told me... he'll transform my long lifeless hair into this cybersport of a hairstyle... i was intrigued so i gave him a go... :-)

i just relied on his stories about the hair during the cutting but googled it once i had my hands on my lappy... my hair's supposed to look something like this hehehe... minus the coloring (i dont want to color or treat my hair in any way, i wanna keep it virgin for as long as i can hehehe)

so here's how it looks on me.... nyaha! major fail ba? :-) at least fierce looking pa rin! bwaha! i can't seem to reconcile my hair now with the should be cybersport style...hehehe but anyways i know shorter hair suits me waaaaay better than long hair... i actually want to have it cut (almost pixie hair short), but i'll let this Cybersport thingy stay for a few months then i might have another chopping session. :-)

Monday, March 12, 2012

snippity snappity snip snap!

i just couldn't take my hair anymore.... :-) can no longer wait for the 130lbs before chopping it off as promised... that's still some 17lbs away! hehehehe talk about low EQ and that's me lately!!! 

no decent shot of the new hair yet... just this quick shot before that hair growing for more than a year was gone in a snap!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

jog highligts (Jan30-Feb29)

eto ata ang last jog ni joel... hehehe sayang ang effort mo dude!!! kelangang ituloy! 

eto ang last jog before the Philhealth run... eto rin ang last jog before a whopping 2week binge-no-jog natin... 

the moon was really really pretty that night.... parang early morning lang ang peg. :-) the full moon made the jog more fun kasi nakikita namin ang isa't isa after sundown... :D

after 2weeks and a lot of good and nasty things in between... kami na lang ang natirang ngjojog... maraming ngbago... the drive slowed down din unlike January...pero it's still better to try starting over di ba... :-)

there was a major cloud show that day... from the near sunset, to sunset, to twilight... pang finale ang moon-jupiter-venus alignment at twilight (see lower-middle photo)

and looky! im able to wear that jogging pants again!!! just about a month ago i cant barely pull it up beyond my knees! *kilig kilig hehehehe

this is kuya ronald's cram attempt to practice before the ultra vinta run... hehehe
and its back to just me and leo again...

nice to have them back on the extra day of Feb... :-) let's bring back the momentum this march!