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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

meet mr.Owl

i've lost my bike pendant while taking photos in Tumaga Footbridge last month.... I thought i've also lost my necklace fettish along with it.... but i found myself on a hunt again for a pretty necklace... it's difficult to do that here in Zamboanga since we have really few options.... but i'm ecstatic to find Mr.Owl!!!

top: from Mamang
Mr.Owl necklace: some shop in Mindpro
red ballet shoes: gifted

***some of the photos were taken by my dude. :-)

Leo's Place
Sta Maria, Zamboanga City
30 October 2010

i am here

i am here... NOW.

i may have been in denial that i had gone through some withdrawal syndrome after abruptly changing my life last year... but right now I can happily say that i am moving out of it... :-) 

new ties... new connections.... I didn't know I would easily establish them again... after all the excitement of moving back settled, I had realized I have not much down here except for my family and my dude.... but now i can add that i've got new friends!!! :-)  

looking back, i didn't realize i had kept to myself for sometime, scared to open myself up to new people... well probably because i was still trying to hold on to a life that i had chose to let go... i'm glad i'm beginning to get over that...

i am still a work in progress... i know i still need to build more connections, more ties...need to let go some more... but i like how im feeling now...

i am at peace... i am here NOW. :-)

*** i've lost my bike pendant during the shoot... it's now part of that river....

Tumaga Footbridge
Tumaga, Zamboanga City
12 October 2010
*w/ Leila, Sheena, Lyn2 and friends

dress: thrifted


im going to dwell on a cliche....

what you choose will always have an effect on everything around you....
we might keep on forgetting that.... that's my take home lesson for the past weeks...
happy weekend! happy fiesta pilar weekend! :-)

blouse: bought online
bracelets: gifted
eyeglasses: gifted :-)

all photos taken by Leo Dalguntas
*** i finally got my dude to take my outfit photos! haha!

sense of self

know yourself. love yourself. develop an understanding of who you are, how you are and what your strong & weak points are...

never lose touch of yourself.... because when everything and everyone around fails you... at least you have yourself to pick you up....

dress: Landmark (2008)
brown bag: from my sis
scarf headband: Zamboanga barter
sandals: Grendah

Mayon Resort
Bicol trip - August2008

1st outfit post! :-)

this was first posted in Promding Chamimay.... I initially thought it would be best to keep all my posts in that blog whatever the topic... :-) but i don't want promding chamimay to end up not knowing what kind of blog it actually is.... so im migrating all my outfit posts here....


i started blogging because i was inspired by Anton Diaz's travel/food blog (Our Awesome Planet)... I just thought of sharing my travel experiences rather than just dumping all photos with little kwento in my multiply account. :-) but last April i discovered Denise Katipunera's blog and then later discovered other chic bloggers... their kind of blogging seems fun! specially with all the ukay finds... :-) i thought of creating another blog (talk about over excited hehe)... but then i dont think i will still have the time to maintain another blog... so here... am using my promding chamimay for my outfit posts too!!!

so here... my outfit blog premiere... :-) hehe it's nice that i get to have ezra (my GE all-nighters/travel/photo/at kung ano ano pa buddy) take my photos for this....

walls of the Sto Nino shrine in Tacloban City provided us with a perfect background. :-)

my constant travel buddies... blue bag (which i've been using in every travel since my first Boracay trip last 2006), my fave purple ring, my blue&white necklace-turned-bracelet and my new baby IO!!!

grendha thong jelly sandals! got the same design but different color... my black pair already gave up on me after several trips... :-)

trying to be a necklace user hehehe... ;D my bike pendat with leo's ring... :-)

ezra's reflection on my sunnies :-)

dress: thrifted
blouse: old stuff
bike necklace: mental
thong sandals: grendah

Sto Nino Shrine
Tacloban City
18 September 2010

Camera: Canon Powershot D10