Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1st outfit post! :-)

this was first posted in Promding Chamimay.... I initially thought it would be best to keep all my posts in that blog whatever the topic... :-) but i don't want promding chamimay to end up not knowing what kind of blog it actually is.... so im migrating all my outfit posts here....


i started blogging because i was inspired by Anton Diaz's travel/food blog (Our Awesome Planet)... I just thought of sharing my travel experiences rather than just dumping all photos with little kwento in my multiply account. :-) but last April i discovered Denise Katipunera's blog and then later discovered other chic bloggers... their kind of blogging seems fun! specially with all the ukay finds... :-) i thought of creating another blog (talk about over excited hehe)... but then i dont think i will still have the time to maintain another blog... so here... am using my promding chamimay for my outfit posts too!!!

so here... my outfit blog premiere... :-) hehe it's nice that i get to have ezra (my GE all-nighters/travel/photo/at kung ano ano pa buddy) take my photos for this....

walls of the Sto Nino shrine in Tacloban City provided us with a perfect background. :-)

my constant travel buddies... blue bag (which i've been using in every travel since my first Boracay trip last 2006), my fave purple ring, my blue&white necklace-turned-bracelet and my new baby IO!!!

grendha thong jelly sandals! got the same design but different color... my black pair already gave up on me after several trips... :-)

trying to be a necklace user hehehe... ;D my bike pendat with leo's ring... :-)

ezra's reflection on my sunnies :-)

dress: thrifted
blouse: old stuff
bike necklace: mental
thong sandals: grendah

Sto Nino Shrine
Tacloban City
18 September 2010

Camera: Canon Powershot D10

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