Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i am here

i am here... NOW.

i may have been in denial that i had gone through some withdrawal syndrome after abruptly changing my life last year... but right now I can happily say that i am moving out of it... :-) 

new ties... new connections.... I didn't know I would easily establish them again... after all the excitement of moving back settled, I had realized I have not much down here except for my family and my dude.... but now i can add that i've got new friends!!! :-)  

looking back, i didn't realize i had kept to myself for sometime, scared to open myself up to new people... well probably because i was still trying to hold on to a life that i had chose to let go... i'm glad i'm beginning to get over that...

i am still a work in progress... i know i still need to build more connections, more ties...need to let go some more... but i like how im feeling now...

i am at peace... i am here NOW. :-)

*** i've lost my bike pendant during the shoot... it's now part of that river....

Tumaga Footbridge
Tumaga, Zamboanga City
12 October 2010
*w/ Leila, Sheena, Lyn2 and friends

dress: thrifted

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