Friday, July 29, 2011

preggy month no.5

this month was the busiest! wedding month na! but aside from the stress from final touches of the wedding preps and the wedding itself, i still made sure i get to go around zamboanga (that includes a visita iglesia we did during holy week) just to maximize my time this year... there's a slight bump already!!! was talking with my baby if its ok for him not to grow too big yet before the wedding... told him he can grow all he want after... :D  very good boy! bump's not showing during the wedding!!! though i looked bigger already... gained 20+lbs by this time kasi.

BTS of our school prenup! this was really fun!
an attempt to do a typical shoot... didn't like it much... was really tired already to think of changing it to something else... hehe. the pregginess had that effect on me already at this time so i didn't push it...

some wedding photos... :D

and i know i have our wedding vid all over the net... i just want to have a link in this blog too! :-) This is soooo me & leo (although mas maeksena sya dito... nasstress na kasi ako kaya di naging makulit masyado hehe excuses!!!).... just how i wanted our video... super like! talked about our videographer here: Cinesur

Leo and Charm from Cinesur Films on Vimeo.

Monday, July 25, 2011

preggy month no.4

at this time me and my dude was really busy with the wedding preparation... we had a good 2-3 weeks left to prepare.... but in fairness, i wasn't too grumpy as i was expecting... it was actually my dude who's like that... i was never a bridezilla (considering that i'm pregnant during preps!). 

wedding preps + BIR audit + annual income tax filing + preggyness... i survived this month!!!  im'ma proud! :-)

dress: "hand me UP" from my sis!
cardigan: randomly purchased in Landmark (forgot the brand)
sandals: grendah!

Mercedes Parish Church grounds
16 April 2011

all photos taken by my dude!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

preggy month no.3

month no.3 - i can't remember taking a clear shot of how my tummy looks like already at this time... but one thing's for sure... i was everywhere.... still trying to make the most of the time when i can still go around although i need to be extra extra careful since i was still on my 1st trimester and worst things can still happen... good thing it all passed by uneventful... just pure happy food trippin'! although i was already picky with food i'm glad i still enjoyed my fave foods!
italiani's sicillian salad and angel hair pomodoro! i'm already in heaven with these 2! plus my gave hot vanilla from coffee bean&tea leaf! :D

was in manila for 1 full week for an Internal Audit training for hospitals... wasted most days not going anywhere after training, was scared im all pregnant and alone going around hehehe so food trippin' happened only when i moved to Makati the weekend after. :-) nice to compare notes with other hospitals from all over the country. :-)

had one night of playtime with unopots too!!! they slept over at my hotel... so laro mode with this kiddo who has his own language... :D my tummy's bulging a bit already!!!

what's a manila trip without spending time at my old place there... cherry's still staying at 5947B! we went to our fave go to place if super gutom na kami at tinatamad magluto... BUDDY's!!! Pancit Lucban and their perfect porkchop! we invited froi too who brought us BonChon chicken, my first time to try these!

my birthday was also somewhere on my 3rd month too! and quality circle teambuilding and wedding preparations and a lot of other things... i'm just simply everywhere... good thing my pregnancy's not giving me a hard time... i can simply move around, i felt good most of the time. :-)


Friday, July 22, 2011

preggy month no.2

i was feeling ok during the 2nd month... although i was slowed down a bit by the sudden hatred to some smell and food but still i was feeling generally ok... however, the reactions of the people around me were over the top! :-) i was adjusting more on the special treatments rather than the pregnancy! 

i suppose almost everyone would have this special place that serves as their refuge whereever they are... the UP Chapel was my "go to" place back in Manila, i would usually be there if there's something that makes me really happy or really sad... it's the Fort Pilar shrine for me here in Zamboanga. :-) it's been a month since we've found out we're having a kiddo soon, so i asked leo, leila and lynlyn for a quick trip to Fort Pilar to give our thanks. :-)

still happy i'm able to wear my fave old shorts... but i have to resort to my dude's shirt since i was beginning to gain weight and my bilbil's trying to show already... i was 5lbs heavier here....

shoes: Julia 
shorts: from my closet
shirt: from my dude's closet
jacket: thrifted

Paseo del Pilar/ Fort Pilar Shrine
Zamboanga City
20 February 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

preggy month no.1

i was already on my 5th week when we found out we'll be having our little chamimay! days after we head to the beach to celebrate my dude's nephew's 1st birthday... grabbed the opportunity to wear this dress... for sure months later it won't fit me anymore... :-)

i wish i can go back to this size again after giving birth

some new beach resort (still being constructed at that time)
Talisayan, Zamboanga City
05 February 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


i guess playing around with my hair had been a part of me eversince... just trying to think about a story for this blog, i remembered summers back in my childhood when I would request for my hair to be curled... my mamang would allow it but just after a few weeks, my hair's straight again.... my mom would always have our hair short (to make it grow thicker daw... i have really thin strands of hair) that's why i've always wished for long hair... i only had it when i was about to graduate in highschool.... hair experiment continued until college... i shocked my roommates one day with a very short hair, from an almost waist-long... :D

all hair experiments in my past life were undocumented... then now, while browsing through my photos for the past 3-4 years, i realized i've capture my many hair changes!!! :D i posted this set of photos in my facebook, might as well have it in my kikay blog... :D

i'm still 163lbs heavy here.... kept my hair long to help me mask my royal fatness! (Jan2008)
lost some pounds here already after weeks of jog kept the long hair still (Feb2008)
sometime june/july2008 i've decided to have heavy bangs... this hair + skinny jeans + high heels + big shades + that teal shirt + taray look made someone think i was a model (while i was waiting for a cab to work)!!! that made my day! teeeeheeee!
flaunted the long hair with heavy bangs (+slimmer me) during our Intramuros photowalk... love that shirt to piece... Matatalino. Matatapang. Ganyan kaming mga taga-UP! (July2008)
flaunted the hair some more during our daring Quiapo photowalk. (July2008)

then out of nowhere just decided to cut my hair real short... i want to cut it as short as Victoria Beckham's short hair before but i just feel like i need to be skinnier first... (August2008)
kept it real short for several months... even added heavy bangs again... (November 2008)
made me look like a kid... no... more like Dora the Explorer... hehehehe (November2008)
maintained the short hair even in early 2010.
and cut it even more for my sis' wedding... i don't wanna be a long-haired made of honor...  (Feb2009)
much to the dismay of the hairstylist... he didn't know what to do with my real short hair... until he saw Angelica Panganiban's hair on TV while i was on his seat for my hair... so i ended up with this hairstyle for my sis' wedding which i really really really love... (Feb2009)
didn't touch my hair since cutting it short during my sis' wedding... i just let it grow again... (Sept2009)
...and i always end up with a tied hair... (Dec2009)
until i've gone crazy again and had it real short again! :D (March2010)

....grown my hair long again after the March2010 cutoff.... i added heavy bangs again but it's all grown now... im letting my hair grow for as long as it can... i'm making a pledge.... since i've grown back to my HUGE size, i will only do something to my hair if i'll be able to bring my weight down to 120-130lbs again after giving birth... :D hehehe so for now, scroongies are going to be my best buds... :D

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Visit Denise Katipunera's SHOE ETIQUETTE!!!

repost from Promding Chamimay:

i'll be wearing these lovelies soooon! :-) thanks to Denise Katipunera and Yllac (for his magic hands made me win these pretties! hehehe

visit denise's Shoe Etiquette online shoe shop and if you're a shoe lover you'll definitely drool with all the shoes available there... :D