Wednesday, July 6, 2011


i guess playing around with my hair had been a part of me eversince... just trying to think about a story for this blog, i remembered summers back in my childhood when I would request for my hair to be curled... my mamang would allow it but just after a few weeks, my hair's straight again.... my mom would always have our hair short (to make it grow thicker daw... i have really thin strands of hair) that's why i've always wished for long hair... i only had it when i was about to graduate in highschool.... hair experiment continued until college... i shocked my roommates one day with a very short hair, from an almost waist-long... :D

all hair experiments in my past life were undocumented... then now, while browsing through my photos for the past 3-4 years, i realized i've capture my many hair changes!!! :D i posted this set of photos in my facebook, might as well have it in my kikay blog... :D

i'm still 163lbs heavy here.... kept my hair long to help me mask my royal fatness! (Jan2008)
lost some pounds here already after weeks of jog kept the long hair still (Feb2008)
sometime june/july2008 i've decided to have heavy bangs... this hair + skinny jeans + high heels + big shades + that teal shirt + taray look made someone think i was a model (while i was waiting for a cab to work)!!! that made my day! teeeeheeee!
flaunted the long hair with heavy bangs (+slimmer me) during our Intramuros photowalk... love that shirt to piece... Matatalino. Matatapang. Ganyan kaming mga taga-UP! (July2008)
flaunted the hair some more during our daring Quiapo photowalk. (July2008)

then out of nowhere just decided to cut my hair real short... i want to cut it as short as Victoria Beckham's short hair before but i just feel like i need to be skinnier first... (August2008)
kept it real short for several months... even added heavy bangs again... (November 2008)
made me look like a kid... no... more like Dora the Explorer... hehehehe (November2008)
maintained the short hair even in early 2010.
and cut it even more for my sis' wedding... i don't wanna be a long-haired made of honor...  (Feb2009)
much to the dismay of the hairstylist... he didn't know what to do with my real short hair... until he saw Angelica Panganiban's hair on TV while i was on his seat for my hair... so i ended up with this hairstyle for my sis' wedding which i really really really love... (Feb2009)
didn't touch my hair since cutting it short during my sis' wedding... i just let it grow again... (Sept2009)
...and i always end up with a tied hair... (Dec2009)
until i've gone crazy again and had it real short again! :D (March2010)

....grown my hair long again after the March2010 cutoff.... i added heavy bangs again but it's all grown now... im letting my hair grow for as long as it can... i'm making a pledge.... since i've grown back to my HUGE size, i will only do something to my hair if i'll be able to bring my weight down to 120-130lbs again after giving birth... :D hehehe so for now, scroongies are going to be my best buds... :D


  1. Wow, what different looks you had! I esp like the short hair, very cute and edgy looking :)

  2. thanks for the visit noelle! :-) me tooooo!!!! i particularly love the short hair!!! wanna have it back... heheheh will try to be slim again and have that style againnn :D