Friday, July 22, 2011

preggy month no.2

i was feeling ok during the 2nd month... although i was slowed down a bit by the sudden hatred to some smell and food but still i was feeling generally ok... however, the reactions of the people around me were over the top! :-) i was adjusting more on the special treatments rather than the pregnancy! 

i suppose almost everyone would have this special place that serves as their refuge whereever they are... the UP Chapel was my "go to" place back in Manila, i would usually be there if there's something that makes me really happy or really sad... it's the Fort Pilar shrine for me here in Zamboanga. :-) it's been a month since we've found out we're having a kiddo soon, so i asked leo, leila and lynlyn for a quick trip to Fort Pilar to give our thanks. :-)

still happy i'm able to wear my fave old shorts... but i have to resort to my dude's shirt since i was beginning to gain weight and my bilbil's trying to show already... i was 5lbs heavier here....

shoes: Julia 
shorts: from my closet
shirt: from my dude's closet
jacket: thrifted

Paseo del Pilar/ Fort Pilar Shrine
Zamboanga City
20 February 2011

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