Sunday, July 24, 2011

preggy month no.3

month no.3 - i can't remember taking a clear shot of how my tummy looks like already at this time... but one thing's for sure... i was everywhere.... still trying to make the most of the time when i can still go around although i need to be extra extra careful since i was still on my 1st trimester and worst things can still happen... good thing it all passed by uneventful... just pure happy food trippin'! although i was already picky with food i'm glad i still enjoyed my fave foods!
italiani's sicillian salad and angel hair pomodoro! i'm already in heaven with these 2! plus my gave hot vanilla from coffee bean&tea leaf! :D

was in manila for 1 full week for an Internal Audit training for hospitals... wasted most days not going anywhere after training, was scared im all pregnant and alone going around hehehe so food trippin' happened only when i moved to Makati the weekend after. :-) nice to compare notes with other hospitals from all over the country. :-)

had one night of playtime with unopots too!!! they slept over at my hotel... so laro mode with this kiddo who has his own language... :D my tummy's bulging a bit already!!!

what's a manila trip without spending time at my old place there... cherry's still staying at 5947B! we went to our fave go to place if super gutom na kami at tinatamad magluto... BUDDY's!!! Pancit Lucban and their perfect porkchop! we invited froi too who brought us BonChon chicken, my first time to try these!

my birthday was also somewhere on my 3rd month too! and quality circle teambuilding and wedding preparations and a lot of other things... i'm just simply everywhere... good thing my pregnancy's not giving me a hard time... i can simply move around, i felt good most of the time. :-)


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