Monday, July 25, 2011

preggy month no.4

at this time me and my dude was really busy with the wedding preparation... we had a good 2-3 weeks left to prepare.... but in fairness, i wasn't too grumpy as i was expecting... it was actually my dude who's like that... i was never a bridezilla (considering that i'm pregnant during preps!). 

wedding preps + BIR audit + annual income tax filing + preggyness... i survived this month!!!  im'ma proud! :-)

dress: "hand me UP" from my sis!
cardigan: randomly purchased in Landmark (forgot the brand)
sandals: grendah!

Mercedes Parish Church grounds
16 April 2011

all photos taken by my dude!


  1. Nice photos! Hi Charmie visit you back and followed you hope you follow me back.

  2. pregnancy is just the most wonderful experience if i should say so meself. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. Am following back. Hope to see more of you around. Goodluck on the wedding prep..i know how stressful it could so i hope you'd do fine.