Friday, July 29, 2011

preggy month no.5

this month was the busiest! wedding month na! but aside from the stress from final touches of the wedding preps and the wedding itself, i still made sure i get to go around zamboanga (that includes a visita iglesia we did during holy week) just to maximize my time this year... there's a slight bump already!!! was talking with my baby if its ok for him not to grow too big yet before the wedding... told him he can grow all he want after... :D  very good boy! bump's not showing during the wedding!!! though i looked bigger already... gained 20+lbs by this time kasi.

BTS of our school prenup! this was really fun!
an attempt to do a typical shoot... didn't like it much... was really tired already to think of changing it to something else... hehe. the pregginess had that effect on me already at this time so i didn't push it...

some wedding photos... :D

and i know i have our wedding vid all over the net... i just want to have a link in this blog too! :-) This is soooo me & leo (although mas maeksena sya dito... nasstress na kasi ako kaya di naging makulit masyado hehe excuses!!!).... just how i wanted our video... super like! talked about our videographer here: Cinesur

Leo and Charm from Cinesur Films on Vimeo.


  1. I love the high school photo, brings back memories of kilig moments. I can tell you have a very obedient bun in your oven, you look simply fab on your wedding day! Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood and mommy blogging! This is the best job ever, it's the most challenging and rewarding.

    Thanks for dropping by and I'm a new follower too;-)