Friday, August 5, 2011

preggy month no.6

month#6: May19-June15,2011

photos on this post were all by ezra montemayor

still feeling unpreggy... hehe i was still oozing with energy to go around...cguro at this point, being preggy had not sinked in to me fully yet... but i'm stopped at some points because i get tired faster this time. perfect timing that my friends from manila were here for the weekend, we've tried to bring them around zamboanga. i took the opportunity to have ezra do me some preggy shoot! :D 

at my fave wall - Paseo del Pilar
at Zamboanga Museum - with my dude
nice wall for shoots! inside Zamboanga museum
at Camp Atilano, Pasonanca Park

underwater shoot!!! at Puerto Villa, Patalon

more preggy shoot at Promding Chamimay


  1. wow.. i love the underwater shots! ang galing. :)

  2. Great photos! Thanks for the encouragement, sis. :)