Wednesday, September 21, 2011

preggy month no.8-9

after my last preggy post i was already beginning to bloat.... i was a bit hesitant to do any preggy post anymore... but then naisip ko it would be fun to look back at my "balyena" mode once i'll be able to do another 30-40lb weight loss in a short period (sana magawa ko po ulit Lord!!!)

so here goes....

messy hair, oily face (no powder can seem to help me now), bog red nose, chubbiness all over... that's me for the past 2months... :-(

in my royal balyenaness! hehehehe my biggest so far, i guess i'm some 180lbs heavy already (i was just 130lbs when i found out i was pregnant).... ezra tumigil ka na sa kakatawa jan!!! i know ikaw ang pinakatatawa!!! hehehe :D

i'm sooooo gonna pop anytime na... :-) i'm excited and a bit scared at the same time... 

.... all photos were taken by my dude (Leo Dalguntas). just wanna make sure he's properly credited this time... hehehe :D