Tuesday, January 3, 2012

day#01 fail!

January 2's supposed to be the start of my 3month papayat program... well i started with the meal supplement already in the morning, had mami only for lunch (and well, ok a few lasagna from mam nadie! hehehe) but failed to stop myself from binging during dinner... so much for first days haha! it was my highschool girlfriends' get together so i gave in... :D

but guess what! day2's a good progress... :D i guess i had less than 1500calories worth of food... yipee!!! the hardest part, which is to start, had been conquered!!! double yipee!!! now i just need to get my ass moving... am having my fingers crossed, hope the planned jog with hubby tomorrow will push thru!

my day1 "before pic"!
weight: 160lbs
waistline: 39.5" 

hips: 44"
(yes i have to include waistline and hips trim in my target as well!)


some photos from the TG's get together and meeting ela's...ela's! hehehe

top: from mamang
skirt: thrifted
shoes: thrifted

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