Tuesday, January 10, 2012

my "pampapayat" tools!!!

the challenge: lose 35lbs and 12inches (worth of waist) in only 90days!!! 

was able to do something like this back in 2008... but that was just losing my baby fat (plus the fat from all the sitting at work, starbucks fraps, and coke with flat tops merienda!)... this time i guess it'll be harder... well that's what most people say, its more difficult to lose pregnancy accumulated fats... i hope it won't be that stubborn for me... :-)

start date: January 2, 2012
end date: March 31, 2012

beginning lbs: 160
target lbs: 125 (haha! ambizyon to the max na!)

beginning waist: 39.5"
target waist: 27.5" (isa pang ambizyon! hahaha!)

beginning hips: 44"
target hips: 36"

the plan: increase output, decrease input!!! (i.e. consume less than 2000calories/day and cardio (jog!) 4x a week)

my only fave cardio: jog and walk!!! i've considered going to the gym but an enclosed space really is not for me... and iv lost 30lbs back in 2008 because of this, and some more instances before before... so since im sure that this will work for me, i will definitely be sticking with it now... less cost, more fresh air(and people watching)... total workout!

herbalife formula 1. only because i've tried this last year already (before i found out i was pregnant), i lost a few pounds even without exercise...and only because iv seen my sis went from preggy fat to slim again because of this... hehehe it's a bit expensive though, but will just be using during my 90-day challenge. i replace my breakfasts and dinners with this and only eat during lunch (anything but without rice!!!)... so far im on the right track except for dinners, aside from taking this i think im making a cheat by eating a few ulam (mostly fish and veggies) just to have dinner with the family... :D

and this! yeap! Del Monte's Fit and Right! (no they do not sponsor this blog... but *hint hint* hehehe)... this helped me lose the 30lbs in 3months back in 2008... read online that 500grams of L-carnitine is helpful when trying to lose weight, they help you burn your fats instead of muscles during workouts... been taking 2 bottles a day before, but now will just be taking 1, as my afternoon snack and in prep for the jog after work.

and then this one... an Alkaline ionizer... i have not read anything about alkalines yet and their effect on weight loss (if there's any), but since my mom gave me this for christmas and had been telling me that this can help remove that bilbil, might as well include this in my tools for the 90day challenge... if it works or not i won't be able to tell anymore hehehe, but then it wouldn't hurt to try, malay nga natin effective nga!!! 


  1. ambot! heehehehe hahanapin ko pa... :D basta i drink water from it yun lang... :D